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Greater Louisville Sierra Club Resolution
Supporting the future of Solar Energy in Metro Louisville

Whereas solar power is a clean source of energy that can power Louisville’s homes, businesses, and cars;

Whereas solar power will help achieve better air quality and will reduce carbon pollution;

Whereas the Commonwealth of Kentucky currently emits 90 million tons of carbon pollution annually to produce electricity ;

Whereas every megawatt (MW) of solar energy installed is projected to create 15.5 new direct jobs and 7 new indirect jobs , and each megawatt hour (MWh) of solar energy displaces approximately 2,000 pounds of carbon pollution from coal-burning power plants;

Whereas Greater Louisville Sierra Club recognizes the above assets of solar power, and desires to encourage this important clean energy solution;

Whereas Louisville is the 28th largest city in the country, and can take national leadership in pursuit of solar power;

Whereas Louisville stands ready to take full advantage of the new 21st century energy economy to be driven by clean solar power;

Whereas Sierra Club nationally is successfully assisting homeowners with arranging the residential installation of solar systems; and

Whereas Louisville can set a goal of new solar installations with a capacity of 2 million watts (about 500 residential installations) by the end of 2016, with expanded goals to be set for 2025 and beyond;

Now, therefore be it Resolved, that Greater Louisville Sierra Club:

1. urges Louisville Metro Council to support the vigorous growth of solar energy in Louisville and to aggressively pursue strategies designed to meet this goal, including strategies such as supporting solar for new construction, adding solar on school and other municipal buildings, streamlining the permitting process for commercial and industrial solar installations, facilitating investment in solar energy, and supporting a city-wide solar education program like Solar Over Louisville; and

2. supports City efforts and grant opportunities aimed at ensuring that lower income families are able to take advantage of greening and sustainability initiatives within Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Passed by the Greater Louisville Sierra Club Executive Committee as revised, July 7, 2015

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